7 Keys to Manifest The Life You Want

Reticular Activating System Part 2


Don’t you wish you had the life of your dreams?

Why do you have the life you have?

And why is is it so hard to manifest better things?

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A lot of it comes down to your Reticular Activating System. This tiny part of the brain that filters all the stimuli entering through your five senses and decides, based upon your core beliefs and dominant emotional thinking, what information is to go through to your brain.

cropped-71390a56-8fe1-4bae-9caa-58842ee44a38.png Want to go deeper on this subject? Listen on Spotify

Higher Ground Living Podcast EP 9: Manifest The Life You Want

Shane & Nikki explore specific keys to enable you to take control of the direction of your life.

In part one of this topic we discussed how the Reticular Activating System helps to keep our life in homeostasis. Being that general level of comfort that we are used to. Our comfort zone, even when its not very comfortable is the state that we have grown used to and therefore the brain works at keeping us in that state.

After defining what the RAS is we asked the question “How do we raise the level of our homeostasis?”

Or, how do we manifest the life we want? Consciously designing the life we want, rather than just accepting what we are given.

In our Podcast on this topic we looked at these 7 keys: In no order of importance, they are all essential keys.

  1. Ask yourself the right questions:

    Stop asking questions with negative emotion. Such as “Why does this always happen to me?” The RAS feeds off the emotion attached to the question therefore it reacts to “always happen” and focuses on finding more of the same situation so it “always happens” to you. The better question to ask in the same situation is “How can I overcome these challenges?” With positive emotion, adding an expectation that a solution is close by. See the difference? With these small changes the RAS will be activated in a different direction looking for answers rather than more of the same.

  2. Don’t react negative all the time:

    If it’s your habit to spontaneously react negative in certain situations, begin to stop yourself. It’s not easy to cut off negative reaction habits but when you become consciously aware that your doing it, you will be able to identify when you fall into it. It takes time but we can gradually change the way we react by simply realizing we are doing it. That is a huge manifesting principle. We do so many things that are just subconscious habits and we don’t realize what we are doing. By becoming aware of your negative reactions to specific situations you can activate the RAS by asking the right questions or just choosing to let the situation go. This way we aren’t activating the RAS with more of the same negative emotion which sets it off looking for more opportunity for that negative emotion.

  3. Find the positive in everything:

    Every situation has a negative and positive angle. It’s up to us to choose which side we are on. While a situation may at first seem disastrous, often with a little time we can see the benefit that was hiding behind it. We all have these situations in our lives. Why not develop a mindset that sees the bigger picture. A mindset that chooses not to freak out but wait patiently for the positive side to reveal it self. This will have a dramatic effect on the RAS, manifesting a totally different view of the world.

  4. Practice gratitude:

    Being grateful equals happiness. Spend small amounts of time everyday choosing to think with gratitude. Gratitude for all the good things in your life and gratitude for all the challenging things in your life. The challenging things in your life are the things that are really teaching you something. We learn much more from problems and challenges than we do from comfort and winning. By practicing gratitude we can totally change the state of our mindset. We can go from negative to positive very quickly. Which is a great way to activate the RAS in the direction you want to go. Be grateful in advance for the things you are dreaming of. Be grateful in advance for the life you desire as if you already have it. This produces positive emotion in that direction, which stimulates the RAS to be on the lookout for that life and make it happen.

  5. Get clear and precise about what you want:

    If you can’t see it, you can’t do it. What is it that you want? Most people are very unclear about what they want therefore they end up with whatever comes along. Get focused on what it is you want to achieve in your life. Have the pictures in your mind as a billboard for the RAS to work off. Don’t be wishy washy about your dream life. Most people are like that, when asked what they want they reply “ I just want more”. More of what? “I don’t know, just something different”. Can you see how directionless that is? Can you see how the RAS would respond to that? It’s got nothing to respond to, so it will stick to the same old path. But a clear precise picture of what you desire coupled with positive emotions will activate the RAS to seek out ways to bring it into your life. It takes time but it can happen if we persist.

  6. Visualise your desire:

    Once your clear about what you want, practice visualising it daily. Tell your RAS ”This is where we are going, find the solutions now”. Take control of your direction. Get excited about where you’re going. Don’t get miserable about what you don’t have. Get excited about what you will have. Follow the direction that the RAS creates and soon you will be living that dream life you desire.

  7. Remove resistance:

    This is very important. As we begin to implement these keys we will encounter resistance. Like Neo in the Matrix had to fight Mr Smith and Mr Brown, we will have to fight many negative habits. This old habitual thinking will not want to disappear. They will rise up again and again. Just remember, every time you get knocked down, get up again. If you keep getting up time after time you will eventually break through. We are creating new habits with these keys and it takes time and persistence. It’s a lifestyle not a quick fix. The only way to truly change the direction of your life is to make change your lifestyle. We need to prove to the RAS that we are serious about these changes. That we are manifesting this new life no matter what.


Implementing these keys will cause the homeostasis level of your life to rise to new places. If we remain consistent in our development of new reactions and thinking, we will establish a new base line for where our life sits.

Good luck and go for it.

Be the person who shows everyone else how its done.

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