Why Do I Attract The Same Crap All The Time?

Reticular Activating System Part 1


When it comes to changing the direction of your life it is important to understand that our brain has its own search engine. It is a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System. It is located at the base of the brain at the top of the spinal column.

Ever wonder why when we decide on a new car to buy we start seeing them everywhere, when just yesterday we didn’t notice any?

That’s the RAS in action.

Ever wonder why you keep attracting the same problems over and over? That’s the RAS in action too.

This amazing piece of human equipment filters all of the data that flows in through the five senses. The reticular activating system processes this barrage of info moment by moment and decides which information is most important to go through to our perception.

How does it decide which information is important or not?

The RAS decides what’s important by reading what’s important to us. It works off our core beliefs and dominant thoughts to seek out stimuli to match what we are most focused on. The RAS does not discern between good and bad , right or wrong. It only works off our core beliefs. Whatever our core beliefs are saying about a situation the RAS will comply. Therefore if you want to score hard drugs then The RAS will start looking for opportunity to find them. If we are looking for someone to cheat on our partners with, then it will be on the lookout to find someone. However it will only follow through if our core beliefs say its ok to do these things. On the surface we may consciously think we want these things but if deep down we truly believe its wrong then the RAS will not take it too seriously.

Another great example is we think about making lots of money but our core beliefs are that we don’t deserve it. Therefore, for all our wishing we get nothing.

On the positive side if we are focused on job or business opportunities and our belief is that we are worthy of something great then the search is on. However we may be wanting a good opportunity but we may also have a core belief that we don’t deserve it or are not good enough for good things. Then the RAS will act accordingly and only notice average opportunities.

So when we set intention towards something the RAS reads that intention and contacts the subconscious beliefs department to decide what’s truly important about this intention. Then with that conscious and subconscious information it goes about finding or attracting what it believes you really want.

Therefore where focus goes energy flows.

cropped-71390a56-8fe1-4bae-9caa-58842ee44a38.png Want To Go Deeper? Listen on Spotify

Higher Ground Living Podcast EP 8:

Why Do I Attract The Same Crap All The Time?

Shane & Nikki explore the the power of the Reticular Activating System and why it plays an important part in creating the quality of your life.


Take a look at your life. Can you find situations when you desired a certain thing or outcome and it came true? And can you find a situation where you keep attracting the same trouble over and over? Take note of these situations, we will need them later when we take control of this system.

Another powerful product of the mind is Homeostasis. Ever notice how your life generally hovers around the same level? Maybe you go up sometimes and maybe you go down sometimes but you always seem to float back to the same sort of life. That’s the RAS working to keep your life in Homeostasis. Keeping you safe in the box you have created for yourself.

So there it is. Your very own search engine giving you exactly what you want based on your true beliefs.

So what do we do if we need to change what we are attracting?

Good question and that is exactly what we explore in part 2.

See you there…..


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