Your Breakthrough Mindset System


Welcome to the Higher Ground Living Breakthrough Mindset System. This is a program that can systematically change the way you operate in the world. By equipping you to get the breakthrough you need to succeed in any area of your life.

Are you frustrated at your inability to “breakthrough” in a particular area of your life? You have read all the books, you tubed the experts, attended seminars, prayed, meditated, danced, cried and screamed. Yet “something” holds you back. You just can’t breakthrough.

We believe the missing link is “mindset”. Tony Robbins says success is 80% mindset and 20% action. It is in our beliefs that we find many roadblocks and barriers upon the journey of life. In our core beliefs about who we are, what we are capable of and how we fit into the world. These beliefs or habits of thinking control most of our decisions and actions therefore creating the life we have.

for this system to work for you, you will need to drop the belief that you are a victim. The corner-stone of this process is that we are all responsible for the quality of our own lives. Based on the fact that it is our beliefs that control us. Not what other people and circumstances have done to us. It is the beliefs we have formed about our life experience that matter and cause the most success and damage.

If you are ready and willing to explore this way of thinking, then read on to see what it can do for your life.

Life’s Holy Grail: Happiness

Master your mindset… build peace, happiness

Peace and happiness come from having control of your mind. Your thinking, beliefs, feelings and emotions all connect to create the world you find yourself in. It is when our mind is out of our control that we manifest unhappiness.

We must become aware that happiness is a mindset. A state of mind. Therefore ours to choose, create and maintain. Most people believe that happiness comes from external circumstances. That it comes from your environment, relationships and achievements. These things can produce moments of joy but they can never be responsible for long-lasting happiness.

Environments, relationships and achievements are ever-changing. They cannot remain the same long enough to provide you with the happiness that we so often demand of them.

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”

This great piece of wisdom defines it well. We must not think we will produce happiness by reaching a destination. If we believe we will become happy when we reach a particular environment, relationship or achievement we will be disappointed. There are no lasting destinations. Look at it this way, time never stands still for you to stay in a particular destination. Not even for a second. As soon as you reach your destination it begins to change and you begin to change. Therefore we cannot rely on it to provide us with anything.

Happiness is the way. The goal must be that we are able to provide ourselves with happiness at all times. Regardless of our environment, relationships or achievements. Happiness is a mindset that doesn’t need external validation. Happiness that relies on external validation will cease at some point, taking you back into unhappiness. When we rely on external validation we ride a roller coaster of happiness and unhappiness. One day up, the next day down. One hour up, the next hour down. One minute up, the next minute, upside down.

Sound familiar?

Or does your mind seem like a wild ocean? With waves and wind, choppy and out of control. One moment calm and peaceful, the next wild and wooly.

Happiness comes from within you, through your mindset. Your mindset controls everything in your life.

So how do we gain control over the wild ocean of the mind?

To attain what we call “Higher Ground Living” we have developed The Breakthrough Mindset System. Which is divided into Three Truths.

  1. Be Conscious: Learn how your mind operates. Learn how your conscious and unconscious beliefs are controlling your life.
  2. Remove Resistance: identify and remove the resistance beliefs you are using to block your progress and success. With conscious awareness, expose the negative beliefs that are holding you back.
  3. Allow Success: with a clear mental pathway, consciously allow the success you desire to come into your life. Build new beliefs that bring you peace and happiness. Develop a high expectation for success.

This is the system we have used personally to provide a foundation of peace, happiness and fulfillment over many years of busy life.

Through the ups and downs of married life, raising sons and daughters and building careers and businesses, this system has given us a foundation we can always rely on to breakthrough stress, provide a balanced perspective and a happiness mindset.

This does not mean you will never experience unhappiness and stress again. It means you will always have a foundation to ground yourself with. A system to mentally work through to bring you back to peace. A mindset that allows you to make the choice to follow happiness over stress.

The First Truth

Be Conscious

Your mindset flows out of what you believe. It flows out of what you believe about yourself and what you believe about the world around you.

What does it mean to be conscious?

Being conscious simply means being “aware” of what is going on. Did you know that in our day to day lives over 95% of our operation is subconscious? Meaning we are not aware of what is going on. We act and react on an autopilot based on our subconscious beliefs. We will never become 100% aware of what is happening in our lives because it is very necessary for most of the bodies operation to just “happen”. However it will drastically transform your life if you can become even slightly more “conscious/aware” of what you are doing in this life.

Our mind consists of two parts the conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is made up of the day to day thinking you do. The thinking you are “conscious” of. The subconscious mind is made up of programs you have downloaded over the course of your life. These programs determine how you act and react in any given situation. These programs are actually beliefs that you have chosen “subconsciously” to form the parameters of your life.

This is what keeps us in the “box” so to speak. You know, when people talk about getting “outside the box?”. This is what forms that box. Or you could say your “comfort zone”. Notice how your “comfort zone” is not always comfortable? The comfort it speaks of is not designed to be good or bad it is just the box that your beliefs keep you in.

For instance:

Some people find it hard to get out of abusive relationships. For others it is an easy move to just leave and never look back. What is the difference?

The one who can’t leave has beliefs that justify the abuse to some extent. Often they say,

“Maybe it’s my fault”.

“I know he/she doesn’t mean it”.

“I’ve got nowhere to go”.

“I can’t build another life elsewhere”.

These are all beliefs which determine how this person is going to react in the abusive situation.

As opposed to:

“Nobody treats me this way”.

“Who the hell are you to treat me like this?”

“I’m worth way more than this, I deserve to have a life full of peace and happiness”.

This person’s beliefs cause them to choose to leave the relationship at the first sign of abusive behaviour.

See the vast difference?

Let’s look at it from a financial standpoint.

The level of a person’s wealth is most often determined by their beliefs around money. A person who lives with “not enough” has a specific set of beliefs that hold them back from earning more. They will have beliefs like:

“Who am I to make loads of money?”

“I want more money but I don’t know how to get it”.

“I want more money but I don’t feel I deserve it”.

“It’s greedy to want too much money”.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

“It’s hard to make money”.

A person who lives with “more than enough” money has a different set of beliefs, such as:

“I expect to have what I need and more”.

“There is more than enough money to go around”.

“I deserve to live at a certain level”.

“I’ll do whatever I have to do to maintain my wealth”.

“If I need to change, learn and grow, I can and I will”.

“My money comes easy”.

See the vast difference?

Let’s look at one more scenario before we find out why this is happening.

Happiness. Why are some people more happy than others?

Let’s look at their beliefs:

The unhappy person would believe:

“This trouble always happens to me”.

“Things go wrong all the time”.

“I just can’t catch a break”.

“I don’t deserve to be happy, i’ve done some bad things”.

“The world is a terrible place”.

“Nobody believes in me”.

“I’m pathetic”.

“I’m not smart enough”.

“I’m not strong enough”.

“I can’t change”.

“I need other people and the environment to make me happy”.

Now how does a happy person think?

“Whatever I need to do I’ll find a way”.

“Today is going to be a great day”.

“My life is great, I deserve to be happy”.

“This atmosphere is stressful, i’m getting out of here”.

“I have the choice to be happy or not”.

“The world will provide everything I need”.

“My life is full of abundance”.

“My happiness comes from myself, not from other people and things”.

Again, see the vast difference.

How does this happen?

How does one person have positive beliefs and another person have such negative beliefs?

It’s not luck. It is a choice. If you doubt that statement, realise that there are people in the world who come from terrible suffering who are the happiest people you will ever meet. Then there are people who have all the wealth and privilege you could imagine yet they are miserable people. We can switch that around too. There are many happy, rich people and many miserable, poor people. The circumstances don’t provide the outcome. Your beliefs do.

Where did our beliefs come from?

Most of our Beliefs came from childhood. Did you know that by the time a child is 7-9 years old they have already formed most of their core beliefs about the themselves and their world. This early period of life is an intense downloading phase of brain activity. Where we take in all that is happening around us. The brain forms our foundational beliefs from this information. Each person’s perception of the world around them forms these core beliefs. These core beliefs then form the person they will grow up to be.

The way it forms the life of the person is that the decisions the person makes are determined by what they truly believe about themselves. If they believe they can, they will. If they believe they can’t, they won’t. This is oversimplified because multiple beliefs overlap to form their ultimate decision but I hope you get the idea.

This is a simple overview of how the mind works. Now it is time to find out what YOU believe.

Be Conscious

This brings us back to where we began. By understanding how the mind works we find ourselves becoming more “conscious’ of ourselves. Realising that your thoughts are not unchangeable. Your thoughts are not you. They are just thoughts. They can be molded and changed to give you the level of happiness you desire. We weren’t born with these thoughts, we developed them as we grew up. Now that we begin to become aware of them we can weed out the bad ones and build up the good ones.

The problem we all face at times is that we are actually unaware of what we really believe. We think we want something yet we can’t seem to get it. That is the battle between the conscious and subconscious mind. You think you want something but deep down your programmed belief is you don’t deserve it. There is always that “something” in the way. That “something” is a belief. If we can expose it and remove it we can get our conscious and subconscious mind working together. With this single-mindedness we can achieve great things.

In part two we will expose these beliefs that are causing resistance to your success

The Second Truth

Remove Resistance

Now it is time to expose these beliefs that are causing resistance to your success.

What follows is a worksheet with a series of questions to answer truthfully. By answering these questions very carefully and honestly you will become more conscious of your beliefs. When you are more conscious of what your beliefs are, then we can see if they are in agreement with what you are looking for in life. Or are they providing resistance and keeping you away from what you want from life.

Note: for trauma survivors.

The following questions can be very revealing and powerful for many people. If you are someone who has endured a high level of trauma and abuse we recommend that you seek the advise of a qualified therapist before proceeding.

Here’s how we do it.

See attached: #My Core Beliefs Worksheet One

Write down:

What are the main areas in your life where you want to see progress and a breakthrough?

List these in the boxes provided.

Next, See attached: #My Core Beliefs Worksheet Two

Now, choose one of these issues. Write it as a heading in the space provided. Underneath write answers to the following:

  1. Excuses-What excuses does my mind throw out when I am focusing on this issue?
  2. Hesitations-What hesitations present when I am focusing on this issue?
  3. Thoughts-What thoughts come into my mind when I am focusing on this issue?
  4. Feelings-What feelings come over me when I am focusing on this issue?
  5. Strange Behaviour-Are there any strange behaviours when I am focusing on this issue?

Next to each subheading write all the answers you can think of. This may take some time. Write down everything you can think of in the moment.

You need to be 100% honest and vulnerable. You must put yourself in the mindset of being confronted by the issue. It is easy to feel great about an issue from a distance. For instance, when focusing on building a dream business it is easy to be all pumped up and excited from a distance. Only seeing the good times. What we need, are the real fears you have about succeeding in this business. Picture yourself doing the business, doing the sales, hiring and paying staff, dealing with problems, pushing through tough times, working long hours. Focus on the real deal.

We need your real fears and issues on this page. The real issues that hold you back.

Don’t be worried if you can’t think of much at first because a lot of these fears and issues are hidden. It may take a few days, a week or month to get them down on paper.

The benefit of being more conscious of your actions, reactions and thinking is that you can now realize what you are doing. Notice how you react to recurring situations. Write it down. Notice what gets you excited, notice what gets you frustrated, notice what makes you want to give up. Write it down. This is what being conscious of yourself is all about.

The Third Truth

Allow Success

Now that we have your resistance beliefs down on paper we can begin to change them. This takes time. Some will go easily, others will be kicking and screaming. The benefit of having these limiting beliefs down on paper is that we can see them. We can be conscious of them. We can find out why they are there.

Allowing success is all about changing these limiting beliefs into allowing beliefs. Changing them from beliefs that hold you back to beliefs that allow you to succeed.

This comes from finding out why you have these beliefs.

See attached: #My Core Beliefs Worksheet Three

Why, Why, Why?

On this worksheet you need to write down the reasons why you have these excuses, hesitations, thoughts, feelings and strange behaviour.

Again the answers might not come straight away. It may take some deep digging into your past. The beliefs we have that hold us back are the result of experiences we had somewhere in life. Some are legitimate fears formed out of real traumatic situations. Others are weak beliefs which attach themselves to the other strong beliefs. There may be some beliefs that you can’t find a reason for. These can come from your surrounding environment when you were a child. It is unlikely that you will remember anything from this period. However you can do some research into what behaviour and circumstances your parents experienced during that time. This can give you some insight into why you have certain beliefs.

It is important to expose the reasons why you have built this belief. From this knowledge you can choose to change these beliefs.You will realize that some of your limiting beliefs are strong and justified while others are ridiculous and weak.

See attached: #My Core Beliefs Worksheet Four

For each original issue write a brief description of your beliefs about this issue.

Write a brief but clear description of the limiting beliefs you have about each of your original life issues you want to see progress and change.

Well done!

This has been a big breakthrough. Becoming conscious of your limiting beliefs puts your life into the fast track to peace, happiness and success. Most people are completely unconscious of the beliefs that are holding them back. Therefore they never change.

The final step is:

Changing limiting beliefs into allowing beliefs.

Once we get conscious and realize that we have a limiting belief holding us back. It’s time to change that belief into an allowing belief with a series of questions it can’t answer. The beliefs that hold us back are based on lies, old truths and past experience. They will not stand against new truth if pressed hard enough.

The questions that can change limiting beliefs are these:

Is this just an excuse so I don’t have to change?

Does this excuse cause me to justify my weakness?

Is this just fear talking because I’m scared to change?

If I did change what would my life look like?

What difference would it make to my family if I did it?

Is this just a story I’ve been telling myself for years?

Is this story real or just an excuse?

What could I do to start changing today?

What is the worst that could happen?

What is the best that could happen?

See how powerful that is? Again we must write these questions and answers down. The hard thing is, your beliefs will try to resist this progress. By throwing out thoughts like:

We don’t have to write this down. Just think about it, it’s ok. That will get you more frustrated because there is no clarity. Writing these down gets them out of your head and manifested into physical reality. Where they are exposed and captured. It is easy for other beliefs to cloud out these questions if you keep them in the mind. I’m sure you have experienced this before.

Continue to work on these new beliefs. You must commit to building these new beliefs. The old beliefs will not disappear for quite some time. They are habits. We all know habits have a way of reappearing if we are not careful. To create change in our lives we are building a new lifestyle. This lifestyle must be fed with good information, good choices and good relationships.

Here is a list of good practices that will help you on your journey.

Read good books about this lifestyle

Learn to visualize the life you want

Meditation and prayer

Health and fitness


Surround yourself with like-minded people

Congratulations on completing this exercise. As said above this is just the beginning. A great life is a journey. Becoming conscious, removing resistance and allowing success are three truths to get you moving towards to life you desire. It gives us a foundation to go forth and build a new life on. A system to expose and renew limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Blessings, peace and abundance to you.

Shane L Taylor and Nikki Nicholson

Higher Ground Living

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