9 Keys to Your Best Life


Manifesting or creating the lives we dream of comes down to uncovering authenticity in our lives. Our modern society has a way of squeezing authenticity out of our lives to the point where we are operating as controlled robots. We just get up everyday and continue to do the same activities over and over creating a mild sense of security but really harbouring a deep sense of disappointment.

The first step to change this and get on the journey to building the life you dream of is becoming consciously aware of what is happening in your life. By being aware of your behaviour, true beliefs and real desires we can begin to uncover what our true authentic life looks like.

Becoming conscious of all aspects of our behaviour is a central theme at Higher Ground Living. Being more aware of our affirming and limiting beliefs sets us up for a more prosperous journey as we can now choose to overcome where we need to and maintain where we need to.

It is near impossible to overcome limiting behaviour that we are not aware of. We continue to react in the same limiting ways to the same issues in our lives which produces the same outcomes. Resulting in our own personal groundhog day of mediocrity.

What follows are nine keys to uncovering your authentic self and manifesting the life you truly desire to live.

1. Fuel your journey to success with happiness.

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

When looking at this quote and holding it up to our own lives we can see that there are no “happiness” destinations. There is no magical place that you reach or obtain, that will remove all negativity and problems so you can live happily ever after.

If we are expecting to only find happiness when we reach some future destination such as a dream job, house or relationship, then we will be sadly disappointed when we get there. When we get there we will find we have a whole new set of issues to deal with and therefore while excited with our new place in life, many of the same problems we always had and some new ones will meet us there too.

Therefore “Happiness is the way”. Fuel your journey with happiness. Forget about reaching destinations. Focus on a life long journey which you can be excited about. Which will bring you happiness as you travel. Set goals with an associated journey. Be aware that happiness is a choice even in the face of great challenges. We can choose happiness over sadness as our default setting each day. Therefore no matter what happens on our journey we are having a successful life along the way. Don’t wait for happiness to rise in you. Create it by choosing happiness and continue to put your focus on it. Practice gratitude daily, you can not be depressed and grateful at the same time.

If you are waiting for “things” to make you happy then you will ride a rollercoaster of emotion for the rest of your life. Things do not have the power to make you happy. Only your choices have that power. Its you that creates happiness. Not things. Therefore set your mind to be happy for no reason. Don”t have reasons to create happiness. Remove the reasons and just be happy because you choose to be. It takes practice and you must focus upon this daily until it becomes your habit.

2. What are we taking for granted? (Where is our focus?)

Are we focused on the negative issues in our lives and taking the great things for granted? We all have problems. Problems come and go, it’s part of life. The saddest and most limiting thing we can do is get so caught up in the problems that we neglect feeling good over the great things in our lives.

This is where we need “Gratitude”. Gratitude for the good things, for the successes we have achieved. Many of us are so miserable about the problems that we have chosen to let them control our whole lives. Even while great and wonderful things are happening all around us.


Where focus goes energy flows.

Ever wonder why the same problems keep happening to you all the time? Well, check where your focus is. Are you spending most of your focus on the problems? Therefore your energy goes forth and attracts more of the same. Creating a cycle of pain and suffering all of our own making.

Spend time to become consciously aware of the good things in your life. Spend time focusing on those good things and limit unnecessary focus on the problems. Many problems have a way of working themselves out. Stressing over them usually doesn’t solve anything.

3.The Resistance – Are you resisting the success you desire?

So often we are reaching out for a desire with one hand and pushing it away with the other. We call this, resistance. When we become more conscious of the way we think and operate we can begin to see where we are sabotaging our success in life.

We all have subconscious beliefs that are like computer programs that control over 95% of our daily action. Sounds excessive doesn’t it? When we have a real think about it, we can see how most of our reactions and decisions are our usual reactions and decisions. Pre programmed somewhere deep in our brain. These are the habitual behaviour that we have stored over the course of our lives so far. Especially in the first 7-9 years of childhood.

As each new opportunity flows through our senses into our brains, it is held up against our pre designated beliefs to determine how we will react. More often than not the usual response is the one that comes out. Therefore once again we continue to create the same life we have over and over.

This is where we find ourselves reaching out for something with our conscious thought and then pushing it away with the subconscious beliefs we have. Becoming frustrated and dissatisfied because the life we want seems so far away.

When we become conscious of the resistance beliefs we have, we expose them and begin to change them by forming new habits. We form new habits through conscious thought and positive decisions in a predetermined manner. Once again it is impossible to change something we don’t know we are doing. Start to watch yourself as you react to different situations. Make note of your thoughts and decisions. Before long you will start to see a pattern of behaviour that is controlling your life.

4. The 80:20 Rule: Break through fear and negative thoughts

Apply the 80:20 rule to the success we are trying to achieve in our lives.  Success in any endeavour is 80% mindset and 20% action. At first this seems a little heavy on the mindset end but a closer look reveals that it’s correct.

How many things have we tried to achieve but failed because we couldn’t get it right. Was it the fault of not enough action or was it more to do with how we were thinking about the situation? Insufficient action is a big problem however the question to ask is, Why did I not take the necessary action to succeed? Answer: There was a problem with your mindset.

Our mindset is so important as it is the driving force behind any success. We can all learn how to do things if we believe we can but it takes a strong mindset to push through. Mindset is what keeps us going or makes us quit.

In sports psychology it is often the elite athlete with the superior mindset that wins. All players have incredible skill but the stand out champions are always the ones with superior mental ability to handle pressure in big moments.

We can develop the same prowess if we spend time developing and strengthening our mindset each day. Know what you want. Know who you are. Strengthen your mindset and you will see great breakthroughs in your job, business and relationships.

5. Finding Peace In The Storm: Develop a new perspective on your problems

Like Jesus asleep in the boat as the disciples are frantically trying to survive the storm which has come up on the sea of Galilee. We can develop the ability to remain peaceful even in the midst of great problems.


By changing our perspective on the situation.

Once again we are developing a conscious awareness of the problem and our reactions. Seeing the problem from a perspective that causes you to react from a position of strength will allow you to remain in peace. Going into our usual programmed frantic response will only cause trouble and stress.

Perceiving problems as opportunities for growth is a great mindset to have. Solve the problem, grow your ability and you will find that problem won’t be back for a long time. On the other hand, run and hide, let the problem push you backwards and you will find that same problem waiting for you in the near future.

Problems are only stressful if we let them be. Seeing problems as opportunities to grow, will propel you quickly towards your goals. Also, sometimes we blow problems out of proportion with our habitual stress response and fear. Many times, a level headed assessment of the situation reveals that the storm was not very dangerous to begin with.

If we learn to stand up and say “peace, be still” and react from a mindset of peace and control, many of our storms will die down quickly when not fueled by our fear and panic response.

6. Are You A Storm Chaser? Get free from victim mentality

Do you attract the same problems over and over? Is your life always filled with drama after drama?

If so, you could be a storm chaser. Is your focus “what problems are coming today?”

We are not victims, cursed and under attack from external forces. Our issues come from within. It’s our own storm chasing expectations that attract constant turmoil in our lives.

“This always happens to me” is the mantra of the storm chaser. It is coming from your core beliefs about who you are and how you fit into the world. These need to be exposed through conscious assessment of your reactions to problems. The more we react negatively the more we will attract the same problems. It’s just how life works.

We must develop new responses to habitual problems. Root out our habitual negative fear based reactions and begin to react in faith and confidence. It’s a matter of developing a new mindset.

Develop your new mindset by surrounding yourself with uplifting positive wisdom through podcasts, books, good movies and good people. Do this and you will begin to see a drop in the amount and strength of the storms in your life.

7. Dealing With Responsibility. Your Response-Ability

The word responsibility can be broken into two parts Response and Ability. Therefore a great way to look at responsibility is to see it as your “ability to respond”. How is your ability to respond in tough situations? Do you respond well to the storms of life? Or Do you crumble and fall apart?

Many of the tough issues we face in life come as a result of our responsibilities. Like family, marriage, work, health etc. We often struggle to keep up with all the demands being made of us therefore our ability to respond to our responsibilities can be weak.

How do we strengthen our response-ability?

Once again it comes down to being more conscious of our reactions, thoughts and actions. It is important to be aware of how we are operating. Is it with the same old programmed responses we always use? Or are we adapting to the situation with fresh wisdom?  When we become aware of our responses we can see what works and what makes things worse. We can see where we are resisting success with limiting beliefs.

Where needed we can then find out what we need to learn and give new plans a go. Most often our frustration and unhappiness comes from using the same failing responses to the same problems that keep coming around. Hence why we keep running into the same problems over and over.

Finding your authentic self requires a strong ability to respond to the pressures of conformity to the world around you. Development of your authentic self requires a strong ability to respond to the pressure of old habits trying to keep you locked into the life and behaviour you are trying to change. Creating new habits requires new responses, new actions and new thoughts.

8. Why do I attract the same crap all the time?

The Reticular Activating System Part 1

Did you know that we all have our very own human search engine? It is a function of the brain called the Reticular Activating System. This amazing system acts as a filter for all of the sensory data that flows into the brain via the five senses. As you can imagine, if all the data we are exposed to in a given moment was to be acted upon we would be overwhelmed. The brain has to decide what is important to you and filter out what is not.

The RAS does this job.  It filters the random information flowing through your senses by knowing what’s important to you due to what you are emotionally attached to and what data comes from your core beliefs.

For example, we believe that we are capable and worthy of doing and having a certain job. The RAS causes us to notice opportunities. When we are seriously considering a new car to buy, we will begin to see that car everywhere. When previously we didn’t notice them much. Whatever we set our minds to we attract to us through the RAS.

However, there is a catch. The RAS does not discern between right and wrong and do and don’t. It searches your core beliefs for this. Therefore, we can find ourselves thinking we want something with our conscious mind but subconsciously our core belief is we don’t deserve it.

Have you ever experienced this?

You say you want to live in a luxurious house and raise the the level of your income but deep down you don’t feel like you deserve it. You say you want it when your inspired but you also have the thought “who am I to have such success?” It’s all part of the resistance beliefs that we talked about earlier.

Maybe you want a great intimate relationship but your other thoughts are “but who would love me?” This is the problem. We need to get these two parts of the brain working together then we will be unstoppable. Which is why developing your most authentic life is so important to your happiness and success.

9. Manifest The Life You Want.

The Reticular Activating System Part 2

So how do we use this search engine to give us the life we want?

It comes down to our thinking. Where focus goes energy flows and so does the RAS. We must get consciously aware of what we truly want in life and get focused upon it. Using techniques like visualisation, meditation, prayer, learning, hanging around people who have what we want etc.

We need to program ourselves, renew our minds to what we want to achieve and have faith that the RAS will be on the lookout for opportunities. It’s not enough to lazily wish for what you want. We have to get emotionally involved in the desire. The RAS works best when fueled with emotion. Hence why negativity is so easy to find. It’s so easy to get annoyed and angry at what we don’t want. Therefore we attract more of what we don’t want all the time. We must do the same with positive happy emotion towards the good life we desire. Then the RAS will take the desire seriously and find opportunity.

So there you have it, 9 keys to finding and developing your authentic self.

Now here is a bonus 10th key:

You absolutely must surround yourself with information that builds your new mindset. If we go about our lives the way we always have then we will continue to create the lives we have always had.

Tune in to the Higher Ground Living Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify or through highergroundliving.blog.

Here you will find all the fuel you need to build the authentic life you desire.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Shane T


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