5 Takeaways From Our Interview With Tania Smith

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From Foster Care to Multimillionaire

How to develop the mindset that causes you to win

International model, fashion designer and entertainment industry mentor Tania Smith sits down with Shane and Nikki for an in depth discussion on the importance of a purpose driven mindset in creating happiness and a successful life.

“Don’t think that maybe you could be…know that you are”.Tania Smith

From humble beginnings in 1970”s New Zealand. Seven year old Tania,  the youngest of four sisters is sent away to foster care. She has no contact with her family until her sisters find her five years later. Tania moves back home and continues to have problems fitting in with her mother so she makes a life changing decision.

Instead of going to school one day, she goes to the airport and catches a flight to Zurich. Within no time Tania is earning good money as a fashion model. Leaving behind a drama filled childhood and making her mark on the world.

To this day Tania exudes the same determined, purpose driven mindset in everything she does. Here are 5 Takeaways from The Higher Ground Living Podcast Interview:

  1. “Don’t think that maybe you could be…know that you are”. Developing the mindset for achieving our goals is overlooked in many of our endeavours. We think about doing something we desire but forget that in order to follow through we must become the person who “owns” the outcome. This is achieved by developing the beliefs through our mindset that we “are” the person who can achieve this goal. In doing that first we develop the faith that “knows” we will achieve the goal. If we do get started and begin to “push” ourselves without working on our mindset and belief.  We can fall into the trap of “doing” all the things we think we need to do to create success but find ourselves burnt out, tired, stressed and sick. Often without even achieving the outcomes we were going after. The Key is in “being”. What are we “being” when we work hard? We need to develop our mindset that we “are” successful, that we “are” happy before we get into the “doing”.  Is the person we are “being” bringing us the life we desire? Remember we are Human Beings not Human Doings. Take the time daily to “know” that you are the person you need to be to achieve your goal.
  2. It is the hard times that give us the strength to succeed. If we allow faith to grow and not weakness. How we deal with adversity is a major determining factor in what we will create in our lives. Anyone who has reached personal success will tell us that it was the hard times that drove them to achieve. The difference between someone who succeeds and another who fails is often in how they deal with the hard times. Hard times or adversity can produce two outcomes. It can strengthen our faith in who we are and what we are capable of, or it can diminish  who we are and what we are capable of. It can make us stronger or make us weak. The choice is ours. We have the choice to be the one who overcomes and breaks through. Or we have the choice to breakdown, give up and let weakness take hold of our mindset. These are the two options available. Do we stand up to our struggles and build the muscle of our faith and belief? Or do we give up and become a victim? Never to realise our dreams and potential. If we choose the former and push on, each level of adversity will build that “knowing” in our mindset and beliefs that we “are” the person we need to be to take hold of our dreams. It doesn’t take a whole lot, just hold on a little longer, just choose to persevere because the next level of success is just around the corner. The more corners we turn, the closer we are to where we want to be.
  3. Build good relationships with the right people. As the saying goes, “we are the product of the five people we hang around the most”. Why is that? It is because influence produces the energy that stimulates our senses. When our senses are stimulated we are led to make decisions. These decisions come from our core beliefs about who and what we are. Each decision we make either justifies our beliefs and keeps us where we are or it can create new beliefs about the person we will become. If we are around the wrong people all the time then the stimulus will be of a type that causes poor decisions to be made, keeping us right where we are with the same lifestyle. However, if we are around high quality people doing high quality things then we are processing sensory stimulus that causes bigger and better decisions which create new beliefs taking us away from where we are and towards where we want to be. It is often said that the people around us are a reflection of who we believe ourselves to be. The relationships we choose to develop are relative to our “comfort zones”. Relative to our core beliefs. To change the quality of our comfort zone we need to get out of our comfort zone and build some new relationships with people who represent what we want our lives to be. These are the people who believe in us, support our vision and are there to help and inspire us when we face adversity.
  4. Follow your intuition, your gut instinct. Get to know yourself. Become conscious and aware of who and what you believe yourself to be. Become your authentic best self. When we are conscious of our beliefs and choose to develop beliefs in what is best for us, we open the window for our intuition to speak in a way that we can hear. When our thinking is full of toxic, negative beliefs about ourselves our intuition is clouded and distorted by resistance and fear. By developing a strong positive mindset that produces a healthy self esteem we find our intuition start to lead us in the directions we need to go. Our intuition shines a light down the pathways we need to walk to become the person we desire to become. Notice how when we are winning it is easier to keep winning? But when we are losing it can be difficult to turn things around? The turn around comes from the beliefs we have about what is happening. If we believe we are losing because we are losers then that is what we will mostly get. If we believe we are winners having a momentary challenge, then we will soon see the turn around manifest. Our intuition speaks from the strength of our beliefs. When we have developed strong healthy beliefs about what we can achieve then our intuition will flow freely and lead us further along the journey of our best lives.
  5. Success is not about money or career. It is about being kind to yourself, loving yourself, being happy and being kind to people around you. There is a saying “success without happiness is the ultimate failure”. Tania Smith tells us here that all of her success and material gain is nothing without the happiness she strives for in her life. Developing happiness and contentment in yourself and then in the people around us is the best way we can live. Success is such a relative term. No one can determine our success except ourselves. Yet we get caught up in what the world around us promotes as successful. Often people will achieve these levels of success and find themselves unhappy and depressed because the success is external. There is no internal personal success. Tania is showing us here that success must be built from the inside out. Built on a foundation of peace, happiness and good relationships. Then we will be able to enjoy all the levels of our success with a deep feeling of gratitude and excitement.

Tania Smith owns two fashion brands which can be found at www.kqueclothing.com and www.kaftanqueen.com.au.

Click here to listen to the Higher Ground Living Podcast interview with Tania Smith on iTunes.

1 thought on “5 Takeaways From Our Interview With Tania Smith

  1. This is profound, “Hard times or adversity can produce two outcomes. It can strengthen our faith in who we are and what we are capable of, or it can diminish who we are and what we are capable of. It can make us stronger or make us weak. The choice is ours,” I remind myself of this constantly. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


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