Build A “Having” Mindset

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Manifest Your Desires

Have you ever noticed a person who walks into a room and simply commands attention and respect by their basic presence? That person has a “having” mindset.  They own their space, they own their life. They have the things they are going after, even if its not fully arrived or manifested in their physical world, they own it just the same.

They own it because of their “having” mindset. That mindset that can see the outcome, the mindset that knows the end goal and the mindset that has received it already.

When we “have” something it is a far different mindset from “wanting” something. A “wanting” mindset has not received anything and in most cases will never receive anything. Wanting keeps us locked into a cycle of dissatisfaction. Locked into perpetual reaching out for things but never taking hold of them.

Constant wanting creates desperation

A wanting mindset creates an energy of desperation. From this desperation of wanting, we can be led to make bad decisions and find ourselves in places we never desired to go. For example, we need a job, do we believe we can have the job of our dreams or do we believe we must settle for what we can get? Are we operating with the energy of having the job we truly desire or are we operating from wanting and hoping someone will give us a chance?

Two very different energies. Which one is going to impress the potential employer? Probably not the desperate, wanting, person who will take anything at this point. It is the quietly confident person who has that air of success, because they know that they will have what they desire. They have developed a conscious belief that their success is inevitable. Not with an arrogant display of false confidence, but a grounded, well practiced belief in them selves.

I got it, then I lost it.

Sometimes, we do fall into success for a moment and we gain something beyond our usual style of living. A having mindset will allow us to hold onto this good fortune. The having mindset will know what to do with it or it will know what to learn about it. So we can keep it and make it a part of our world, long term.

The wanting mindset will never create ownership of the thing. Because the subconscious belief we have says we don’t deserve this thing. Therefore we end up squandering the opportunity by being stressed out trying to keep it, or we never properly appreciate it. Then its gone.

Another wanting outcome is played out in the person who is never satisfied. They live in a state of constant wanting. Even though they are achieving some great things by their hard work, they can never enjoy what they have. We all do this, taking for granted all the good things we have and being disappointed by all the things we want, but don’t have.


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Wanting is the “first” step

Wanting is not all bad, it is perpetually wanting that causes the problem. Wanting is the first step in the manifesting process. Once we decide we “want” something we must shift our mindset to “having” the thing. The having will draw it near and cause us to own it when it arrives. The having mindset will also remove many of the frustration triggers we have about the thing we desire.

When frustration arrises, wanting has taken over. We are not in a having mindset when we choose to produce frustration. Now we are aligning ourselves with “not having” the desire. Therefore we may make some foolish decisions, that we will regret latter. We settle for less, we gain credit we can’t afford, enter relationships that are not a good fit, etc.

Gratitude leads to having

The key to entering a having mindset is in cultivating gratitude for the thing we desire. When we say thank you for something it shows we have received it mentally. For the things we desire that are not fully manifest in our physical lives yet, be thankful with great gratitude that we have this thing.

“Thank you, that I have my new job. The one I truly desire.”

“Thank you, that the business I am starting will be a great success and provide very well for my family for years to come”.

“Thank you, that I have the wisdom and courage to undertake this new challenge”.

“Thank you, that I am healthy, full of energy and wise to make good decisions”.

Developing the mindset that automatically says these type of things is priceless. With this mindset we will have peace of mind that cannot be bought with any amount of money. This gratitude filled mindset will give us the strength to overcome all of life’s challenges. It will cause us to win our own race, the only race that counts.

Stand in the having mindset

Now stand in this having mindset. No matter what our minds try to throw at us, we must reply with, “no, I am having this outcome. I deserve it and I receive it now. Thank you for my success”. Learn to visualise the desired outcome everyday, meditate on it, pray over it, see ourselves in it, doing it and having it.

We all have multiple limiting beliefs to overcome. These beliefs around unworthiness and personal limitations will produce negative thoughts that will seek to throw us off course. Remember, all they are is thoughts. They are not actual road blocks and uncrossable mountains. They are thoughts. Thoughts that we can choose to act on or choose to disregard.

The more we disregard these limiting thoughts the weaker they become. So listen to your thoughts when you are focusing on your dreams. What are they saying? Write them down. Get them out of your head and onto paper. Capture them and they will lose power.

We cant always control our first thought,

but we can control our second thought.

Our reaction is what counts. We have the ability to choose our reactions. So what reaction will we choose? Will we be reacting from a “having” mindset or from a “wanting” mindset?


Shane T

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