The Higher Ground Living Podcast EP 24: Build A “Having” Mindset



In this, Shane and Nikki episode, we take an in depth look at the difference between “having” something and “wanting” it. The difference between a “having” mindset and a “wanting” mindset is vast. Each produces its own distinct emotions and outcomes.

This week we focus on what it takes to change a “wanting” mindset into a “having” mindset. The having mindset sees the outcome long before it is fully manifest. Allowing us to dwell in peace and confidence.

By developing a “having” mindset we are aligning ourselves with the successful outcome. Not hoping and wishing, but knowing and having.

From this mindset we can overcome all of life’s challenges and grow into the people we were born to become.

You can read our article on this topic HERE.

Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to make yourself stronger.


Check out this episode!

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