HGL Podcast EP 25: Aussie Musician Chalkie White


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After attending a house concert with Country Music Artist Chalkie White, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to interview Chalkie on the podcast.

Chalkie has an amazing story of overcoming multiple challenges that could have easily sidelined him and let his dreams fade away. In the midst of his battle with cancer, Chalkie found the inspiration to build the self belief necessary to get serious about his music career. Which has now gained some solid momentum with radio and iTunes chart success.

Chalkie tells the story of waiting 27 years as a musician to find the belief necessary to take a chance on his own music.

Life has thrown Chalkie a number of speed bumps. These days Chalkie doesn’t see them as reasons to slow down, he accelerates to see how much air time he can get off the back of them.

In this inspiring conversation we learn that it is important that we don’t let self doubt and fear hold us back from having a shot at our dreams. We certainly should not wait until its almost too late and life has to scare us into action with something as serious as cancer.

Learn more about Chalkie and his music at www.chalkiewhite.net.

Check out this episode!

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