HGL Podcast EP 26: Celebrate The Journey

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In this Shane & Nikki episode, we explore the power of having a journey mindset. Fact is, we are all on the journey of life. Yet we can get caught up in being too destination focused. Which can give rise to great dissatisfaction and frustration when we don’t have the life conditions we desire.

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing “i’ll be happy when…….” Isn’t it much better to be on the journey in happiness? Fueling the journey with happiness.

To create this happiness it is important to celebrate the journey we are on. Celebrate each step of the journey as we move forwards towards our goal. This way when we reach the goal we have guaranteed happiness because we had it all along.

Life is a constant journey, ever changing and evolving. Why not enjoy it and celebrate along the way.


Check out this episode!

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