Podcast EP 27: Choose Your Thoughts


In this episode we discuss the need to make the conscious decision to choose our thoughts. We all fall into the trap of letting our thoughts control our lives. When we become conscious that we don’t have to follow the leading of our out of control thoughts, we can begin to direct our lives in the direction we desire to go.

Don’t matter the mind, don’t let the mind control you. Take control of your mind. Choose what you want to think and be diligent to choose these sorts of thoughts. We can’t control our first thought but we can control the second one. We can control our reactions. Just say “no, i’m not thinking that way today”. And choose the thoughts you want to have. Its not always easy, but with continued practice the results will come.

We are far more than our thoughts. We are the consciousness that sits above our thoughts. We can control our mind or we can be controlled by it. It’s our choice. It takes practice, but it is our natural state to be in control over our mind.

Check out this episode!

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