HGL Podcast EP 37: 6 Aspects Of The Human Ego


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In this episode we look at six aspects of the human ego. We take a deep look at why an out of control ego damages our well being. Gaining control over the human ego brings peace and wellbeing into our lives.

If we are operating with an egocentric mindset we will be experiencing stress, disconnection, separation, fear, anxiety, and dis-ease in our lives.

In this discussion we look at how the modern world is driven by an egocentric mindset. We also look at what we can do to get our ego under control.

The six aspects of the human ego came from an interview Dr Wayne Dyer had with Oprah. The six aspects are:

1. I am what I have

2. I am what I do

3. I am what other people think of me

4. I am separate

5. I am separate from what is missing in my life

6. I am separate from God

Links mentioned in this podcast:

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