EP 41: Treasure In Heaven Part Two

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In this episode of the Higher Ground Living Podcast we continue our in depth look at the concept of storing up treasure in heaven. As always we are looking for tangible ways to create a calm, peaceful and strong mental health that fills our lives with clarity and purpose.

Often we think of treasure in heaven from the perspective of storing up the fruit from good deeds for the next life we are to live in an afterlife called heaven. We like to take it a step further and realise we can live with that treasure here and now in this current life. We do this by developing our mental health to a state where nothing can knock us down. Where the power of peace and wellbeing is the main treasure we hold onto. 

We hold this treasure in our mind. Higher Ground Living is about developing the mindset that can stand firm in peace even in the greatest storm. That is real treasure. We do this by focusing upon real, lasting treasure which is inner peace. Our material things will come and go. There is no lasting life in the objects of our desire. Our jobs, our titles, our houses, our money, our fame, our beautiful bodies etc. The only lasting life is in what we hold inside our consciousness. 

So why do we spend so much effort, and create so much stress and fear around holding onto the things we accumulate? Even the body we see in the mirror will one day be gone. One day our marriages and families will be gone. So all we really have is our consciousness. That is the real treasure that Jesus is talking about when he gives this wisdom. 

In this episode we start to break down specific keys we can use to develop our inner peace. 

First we define Treasure in Heaven as the combined elements of:

  • Mental strength
  • Connection
  • Faith
  • Love
  • An abiding sense of wellbeing
  • Quality Relationships
  • Self Love

Then we start to look at how we can develop these mindsets and habits. We look at the power of Gratitude and Self Awareness. 

In Part Three we will be diving deeper into the list of how we can actively build these qualities into our lives. 

Hope you enjoy this one, look forward to providing the next installment soon.

Blessings, Shane and Nikki



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